Don't look for the next deal, build it

We work side by side with Mamazen Startup Studio.

IH1 will invest in the top performing startups produced by MAMAZEN

Mamazen Studio Focus

Our mission is to become the best place to bring ideas to life. 

We provide digital solutions to help SMEs get through everyday challenges.

We build companies that democratize information and services.

Dual entity model: the most efficient way of funding a Studio

Access to highly curated and de-risked portfolio

The Studio Model showed amazing success rates compared to traditional startups. Benchmarks shows up to 50% success rates.

Aligned Interest between Holding and Studio

The Holding has 1X liquidation preference. The Studio managers must pay back the entire capital before being able to collect returns.

The holding further de-risks the Studio

The Holding will invest in the top 10 startups produced by the Studio and provides follow up on only the best performing ones.

Aligned Interest between GPs and LPs

100% capital contribution returned back to investors prior to carry. A 1% management fee aligns interests between GPs and LPs (1%). We believe in delivering results


Since the first investment is provided by the Holding no agreements have to be signed with third-party investors so the Startup governance is stable.

The Holding ensures Efficient Fundraising

Both the Studio and the Startups produced by the Studio can raise funds without stopping or slowing down operations.